We have an in-house Annual Report Designer who can work with our copywriters and your team to create unique, professional and engaging Annual Reports for your non-profit, company, organisation or association.

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Your annual report is a testament to your year’s work, to your most important stakeholders. Using your branding, our annual report designer can develop a document which showcases the best aspects of your business and positions it in a way conducive of future growth and development.

As well as designing your annual report, we also have in-house copywriting abilities. Our copywriting services are undertaken by degree-qualified staff who specialise in writing and research.

Annual reports take time to put together, the larger your organisation, the more onerous the task. Working together, our copywriting team and annual report designer can develop a well-presented, easy-to-read document which focuses on key messages, stakeholder needs and business objectives.

As Hugo Halliday is a PR and Marketing agency, we treat your annual report as a marketing tool and always consider who your target audience is, what their needs are and how to best create a communication tool which positively engages them.

Whether its members, funding bodies, partner agencies, the media or the general public – we develop annual reports that hit the right notes with the people who matter to your organisation.

Our process for developing annual reports is as follows:



If you would like our Annual Report designer and/or copywriter to assist with your next Annual Report, please get in contact with us today. You may also like to find out our fees prior to getting a custom quote by downloading our 2018 Rate Card.


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