Bill Pickering Hugo Halliday

BILL PICKERING is a media and corporate communications director, former journalist and senior public affairs and media specialist. Bill Pickering heads Hugo Halliday as the founder and director (which you can read more about on our history page). Bill has led national media campaigns, international public affairs in Asia and Africa, dealt with major national crises and co-ordinated sensitive national and international public information strategies. He has also held senior appointments in Federal and State Governments, in the media, and more recently in communications and PR agencies.
Bill Pickering started his career as a newspaper journalist, before taking up a specialist service commission with the Australian Regular Army where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Bill led many national media and crisis management campaigns for the Australia Defence Force and established his strength for planning and conduct of strategic national and international public information. He also saw operational service in Rwanda as head of military public affairs; in Bougainville in a similar capacity; and then as Commanding Office of the Media Support Unit in East Timor.
Bill has a Master’s degree in Organisational Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media.
Previously, Bill Pickering was the Mayor of Ryde City Council and also the Metropolitan Director of the Local Government Association.