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Dear Small Business Owners,

Do you want to push your small business, increase your customer base, and improve profits?
Then our comprehensive small business marketing report is EXACTLY what you need.
If, however, you’ve got your business marketing plan sorted then we also offer services such as graphic design, web development, advertising, social media strategies, and more. Download our 2018 Rate Card or contact us today to obtain a quote or to ask questions about any of these services.
If you’re not sure what you need, don’t have a marketing plan, or are totally overwhelmed by the idea of marketing and just really want your business to pick up, then our comprehensive marketing report is for you.

How does the comprehensive marketing report work?
Being a small business owner is a tough job, there is not enough time in the day to properly run your business, manage accounts, and keep your staff on track and learn how to market your business. This is where we come in. The staff at Hugo Halliday are experts in their fields who can help you utilise efficient small business marketing techniques to ensure your business grows in 2015.
We will meet with you for an initial obligation-free meeting to discuss our services and your current business practices. If you’re happy with our suggestions and like what you hear we then prepare a comprehensive marketing report that covers:

  • Target Market Analysis (a thorough investigation of your target market)
  • Customer Feedback/Surveys (the key to your business is in your current customers – Who are they? Why do they repeat service? And what do they think you can improve on?)
  • Design Material Review (many small businesses overlook the appeal of attractive and consistent design material as a way to lure new customers in)
  • Online Presence Review (current internet trends show the importance of a strong online presence for businesses, it can be the difference between 50 new customers and none)
  • Advertising Recommendations (we will identify and recommend advertising opportunities that would reach your target audience and better expose your business)
  • Media Opportunity Recommendations (with the right placement your business may be able to get free media exposure)
  • Situational Analysis (what are your strengths and weaknesses? Who is your competition? What do they offer that you don’t? Knowing this will help position your business better)
  • Operational Review (sometimes a floor plan or  the wrong décor or signage is enough to deter potential customers. Some businesses are missing opportunities by not offering certain services/products that their target market wants, or offering them in the wrong way)


Once the report is complete we will meet again to go over all our findings and explain how we believe you should proceed to improve your business. At this point you could take our recommendations and work with them yourself, or engage us to implement some, or all of the recommendations. Some of our implementation services include:

  • Graphic Design (we can design all your advertising, marketing, signage and in-house (menus/informational brochures etc.) material)
  • Websites (if you need a new website, or just an update, we can design, write and create one for you)
  • Social Media Strategies (if social media is important to your business we can write up a strategy to help you better use each platform, and even run your social media if you find you lack the time)
  • Advertising (if your business needs to advertise we can come up with an advertising plan for your business, including ideas, designs and media bookings)
  • Media (we can write media releases and organise interviews to get you exposed to appropriate media outlets)
  • Events (an event may forefront your business ahead of the competition, with experience in event management we can handle everything from the idea to on-the-day co-ordination)
  • Promotions (your business may need to run promotions to entice new customers, we can come up with these promotional ideas and execute them)
  • Photography (good photography will enhance your business image, we are able to orchestrate this to ensure you use the best possible images you can)
  • Videography (podcasts and informational videos may be an attractive feature of your online presence for new and existing clients)
  • Community Relations (situating yourself as a community stronghold can expose your business to potential customers and create a unique connection, making customers want to repeat business)

Great! But what does it cost?

We tailor our services to each individual business as specifically as we can to ensure that you get the most out of us with no added jargon. This also means that we can work to a budget that suits you as we understand the demands of small business. Just book in an obligation free meeting with us and we’ll be able to give a detailed quote.

Let’s do this!

To find out more contact us today and we’ll set up a time to come out to your business and meet with you. When the first consultation is obligation free and won’t cost you a thing, why not give us a go? We know we can help your small business succeed and ensure its longevity.