media training sydney


Whatever your story is – it will get written – whether you want it to or not.
At Hugo Halliday our Media training courses in Sydney will prepare clients to:
• Overcome fears about facing the Media
• Plan for interviews
• Shape stories
• Deliver interviews with finesse
• Handle door-stop interviews
• Shape and deliver messages
• Confidently pitch stories to editors and journalists
• Understand Reporters needs and goals
Internationally experienced Media trainers will teach you the tips and tricks of how to give effective and successful interviews.
How do you handle those irritating questions and remain on message? Hugo Halliday Media trainers will show you how. Maximise your potential and stay in control of the interview. Our Level One workshops are designed for spokesperson beginners and
Too busy to come to us?
Join our special one-on-one telephone interview sessions with a Media trainer. Learn instantly from your office or other environment, how effectively you handled the ‘Media.’
Be advised on-the-spot how the Journalist would have used your interview in the pre-arranged story.
Hugo Halliday Media trainers will coach you to become confident in front of the cameras and microphones while you deliver your company message.
Be critiqued for your role playing in interviews for:
• Newspapers
• Radio
• Television
Hugo Halliday will refine your Media presence and give you the confidence to expertly face the Media. Learn how to handle interruptions and stay on message. Don’t let the Media run away with the story. Hugo Halliday will teach you how to enhance your presence in front of the Media.

Who should do Media training?

Anyone in the corporate field who has the mantle of spokesperson should contact Hugo Halliday and arrange for Media training.
Knowing how to prepare for interviews; what to say and actually putting your message across to the Media is risky business. Hugo Halliday will help you put more interest in your messages to the Media and show you how to frame the best shots for maximum effect.

What does the Media want?

The Media needs ‘good talent’ who can effectively get their message across the spectrum to a variety of audiences.
Hugo Halliday can assist you in pitching your message to a variety of audience levels where you can reach the required markets.

Need a Media workout?

Is your company shaping up for a public fight with your opponents? If so, Hugo Halliday can get you into shape with their Media training sessions.
Train like an athlete and be in peak form when you face the cameras and microphones.
To enrol in our Media Training course contact us today and we’ll let you know about availability.