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The media events management course is designed to assist organisations in achieving pro-active positive news media coverage.

It assumes participants have undertaken the Level 1 course although this is not critical.

This course is designed as a full-day course for a maximum of six participants.


The media events management course focuses on how to get the news media interested in your story in order to profile or promote your organisation and its business.

Key elements of the course include:

  • Which media to target.
  • How to pitch your story.
  • How to write a basic media release.
  • How to set up an interview.
  • Preparing a Media Kit. (Background information, briefs, bios, links, imagery etc. to be included).
  • Getting the setting, props and visuals right.
  • Preparing the spokesperson.
  • Escorting the media.
  • The exit strategy.

A Hugo Halliday workbook on ‘Preparing for a Media Event’ will be provided to all participants. Specific exercises in the guidebook will be undertaken.


Depending on the number of participants, the media events management course will require the following personnel and equipment resources:

  • One to two professional media trainers.
  • Venue (External, Hugo Halliday in-house, Client premises).
  • Catering. (Coffee, Morning and Afternoon Tea, Lunch).
  • Video and power-point presentation facilities. White Board.


The fee charged will vary in accordance with Client requirements, the number of course participants, length of course, training and production staff needed, venue and catering costs, equipment required, and travel costs as/if required.

*Please note. Hugo Halliday consultants can be available to assist Client organisations with organising a media or public event.

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