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A Major Media Simulation Exercise is the ultimate test of a whole of organisation response to a media situation.

It throws every ingredient of news media coverage at an organisation – not just at executives but potentially at any staff member, contractor or relevant third-party.

The objective is to test the systems in place for organisational media issues/crisis management to see if they are effective, and to test the flexibility of executives in dealing with hostile
news coverage.

Extensive research and preparation is required to deliver this training exercise. This may take several days to several weeks depending on the complexity of the exercise. It will require
pre-recorded media products, imagery, actors in some cases and other resources.

Depending on the nature of exercise activities, and in agreement with the Client, this exercise may be undertaken over a number of days.

**It is assumed the executive will have already undertaken either Level 1 or Level 2 training, or both, prior.


The tailored issue-focused executive media simulation exercises are resource intensive and will require the following personnel and equipment resources:

  • Three professional journalists (media trainers).
  • Two TV camera-persons.
  • Radio sound/audio recordist.
  • Editors – TV, Radio, Press products.
  • Online social media coordinator.
  • Actors.
  • Venue (Client premises, external).
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Laptops.
  • Video and audio playback facilities.
  • White Board.
  • Catering. (Coffee, Morning and Afternoon Tea, Lunch).


The fee charged will vary in accordance with Client requirements, the number of course participants, length of course, training and production staff needed, venue and catering costs, equipment required, and travel costs as/if required.

*Please note. Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing will assess which of the above training products best meets your needs or that you wish to undertake. From this point, we can best determine a fixed fee for the required training based on the required resources. We can also provide training options and packages if more than one course is selected.

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