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On this day in 2007 our ABN was officially registered and our brand unveiled. That’s 11 years of delivering results for our clients on projects of all different sizes, drawing on a plethora of expertise from our staff and contractors.

11 years is not a small amount of time for a small business. Over that period we have been fortunate enough to work with amazing clients from all sectors and industries. We are grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have presented themselves.

With 2019 fast approaching, we have decided it’s time to refocus on the things we do best and create a new brand that reflects our capabilities and story.

No longer outdated, we give you…our new brand!

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“Anchored by experience and success” is our new driving force and what we believe truly grounds our agency, but of course, at our core we still believe “your success is our success.”

Here is what our Managing Director and founder, Bill Pickering, has to say about the rebrand:

    “For more than a decade Hugo Halliday has adapted to the changing economic landscape. Like every business, we have weathered the ebbs and flows and refocused our service offerings and target audiences numerous times to tailor to demand.

    This rebrand is off the back of extensive internal consultation and a desire to re-root ourselves in the industries and services closest to our hearts and professional experience.

    Our team has a vision to empower those we work with with the right tools, the right experience and the right business development investments, so at the end of the day we feel the elation of your success just as wholly as you do.”

The new Hugo Halliday brand – which has been created totally inhouse by our team – incorporates two new sub-brands to offer more targeted platforms and service offerings.

property development marcomms sydney

Property Development MARCOMMS (PDM) is a new sub-brand which steers conversations and delivers outcomes for those in the property industry, particularly property developers and investors. Nine services, including government liaison, are offered to provide cut-through return on investment. More information can be found on the sub-brand website:

hugo halliday non profit marketing logo

Not-for-profit MARCOMMS (NFPM) is our second new sub-brand which offers specialist public relations, communications and marketing services to non-profit organisations. Offering 11 services, the aim of NFPM is to ignite non-profit brands and deliver on their purpose. From animal welfare to veterans advocacy, NFPM is backed by solid in-house and agency non-profit marketing experience. More information can be found on the sub-brand website:

So what does the new brand mean?

Like adding a cracker to your aged cheese, the new brand simply gives us a stronger platform to promote what we do best and to reach those we want to open dialogue with.

We are always working with clients to strengthen their brand image and reinforce the importance of a succinct brand and business direction, it’s time we showcased that in our own model!

Regardless of the size of your business, or what industry you’re from, we’re still looking forward to working with you and building upon the success you’ve created.

If you’d like to talk to us about working together, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

- The HH team