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The Executive Media Simulation Exercises course involves an actual simulation of media activities using selected issues/crisis scenarios.

Hugo Halliday will undertake an in-depth analysis of potential situations that may impact on the Client, and then using this analysis put experienced media players in the field to test executive staff. This training requires two days for participants (plus research/preparation time for Hugo Halliday).

**It is assumed that executive staff will have under either Level 1 or Level 2 training, or both, prior to undertaking this exercise.

Executives will be confronted by a TV news crew/s, radio and newspaper journalists in real time. They will be subjected to door-stop interviews, press conferences, telephone interviews and even on-line commentary. Actual simulated news products – a TV news bulletin, radio news reports, newspaper articles, on-line blogs etc. – will be produced.

Following the simulation exercise, participants will then review the media products (edited overnight) the next day to show likely news treatment. This will allow an assessment of performance looking for strengths and areas for improvement.

Participants will be provided with copies of media products.


As an alternative to the above, Hugo Halliday can conduct a desk-top exercise. This option does not use media and production staff, but simulates scenario-based media enquiries and actions using our on-line programme. This is a one-day activity.


The fully tailored issue-focused executive media simulation exercises are resource intensive and will require the following personnel and equipment resources:

  • Three professional journalists (media trainers).
  • One or two TV camera-persons.
  • Radio sound/audio recordist.
  • Editors – TV, Radio, Press products.
  • Online social media coordinator.
  • Venue (External, Hugo Halliday in-house, Client premises – Client premises preferred).
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements (if required).
  • Catering. (Coffee, Morning and Afternoon Tea, Lunch).
  • Laptops.
  • Video and audio playback facilities. White Board.


The fee charged will vary in accordance with Client requirements, the number of course participants, length of course, training and production staff needed, venue and catering costs, equipment required, and travel costs as/if required.

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