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The Executive-Level Media Awareness and Media Interview Training course is designed to develop a general understanding of the way the media works and how to put your best foot forward when confronted with a media interview.


This course is designed to be a minimum full-day course. However, this may be varied in accordance with the actual number of participants, and Client availability.

*We can tailor an intensive half-day one-on-one course for an individual participant focused on interview training only, and also provide this course over two days if there are more than four participants.


Participants are first taken through a session on how the media operates, what stories are likely to make it on-air and to print, and what journalists are looking for from individuals and
organisations. An understanding of the media news-cycle and the requirement for appropriate ‘visuals’ for TV and Press is presented. The ‘new/social media’ online world is also touched
on – along with its impact in the traditional media world.

A media awareness course-book has been developed by Hugo Halliday to assist participants. This book can be used as a future reference text.


Following the media awareness session, participants are then subjected to live interviews without any training to show how easily untrained and unprepared interviewees can fall into some of the many traps used by seasoned journalists. This interview is recorded and used as a comparison with an interview/s conducted after interview training has been undertaken.

The interview training session provides intensive instruction on how to actually prepare for an interview. It focuses on controlling the interview environment, managing the actual interview on your terms, key messages, bridging statements, grabs, avoidance of poison words and a host of other techniques to use. It also gives guidance on the exit strategy. Using specific scenarios relevant to the course participants, they are again subjected to interviews having just received the above instruction. A comparison can then be made with the earlier interview to highlight key learning points.

Hugo Halliday’s ‘Media Interview Techniques Manual’ will be provided to all participants to be provided as a future reference material.

*Participant interviews in the interview training session are professional digital TV recordings, and are played back in session for training purposes (if approved by the individual participant). Training will also use audio and newspaper-style interviews as appropriate. All participants have access to their own edited training interviews a few days after the course, through a personal on-line password provided at the training session.


Depending on the number of participants, the Executive-level media awareness and media interview training (Level 1) will require the following personnel and equipment resources:

  • One to three professional media trainers.

  • One on-line and social media presenter.

  • TV camera-person.

  • Sound/audio recordist (if required).

  • Editor – TV, Radio, Press as/if required (Post-course).

  • Website upload coordinator.

  • Venue (External, Hugo Halliday in-house, Client premises).

  • Catering. (Coffee, Morning and Afternoon Tea, Lunch).

  • Video and power-point presentation facilities. White Board.


The fee charged will vary in accordance with Client requirements and the number of course participants, length of course, training and production staff needed, venue and catering costs, equipment required, and travel costs as/if required.

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