Event Social Media Strategy and Management

With social media becoming intrinsically entwined in the everyday lives of Australians, it is exceptionally important you put in place an event social media strategy to get maximum impact and reach for your event.

Whether you are holding a product launch, conference, fundraiser, awards night or expo; a well-planned event social media strategy will increase engagement and market saturation.

At Hugo Halliday we plan all types of events for clients from all types of industries. An optional service many take up is our Event Social Media Strategy & Management Service.

While we can offer this as a stand-alone service for companies who already have their event planned out, we mostly undertake it in-conjunction with event project management.

Event Social Media Strategy

Prior to your event, we develop a comprehensive strategy (which you are given for approval/review). The strategy includes:

  • FAQ sheet for the social media manager so they can answer any queries about the event and/or your company correctly and efficiently
  • A post schedule for the selected social media platforms which entails: pre-event posts, during-event posts and post-event posts
  • An overview of the brand personality to be presented on each channel
  • An overview of the types of content to be used for each channel
  • Any specific imagery guidelines to develop brand awareness (for example: the use of a specific logo on all videos, or a specific filter to fit in with the brand colours/style)
  • The equipment and number of managers needed on the day of the event (including what role each manager will be delegated)
  • The cost breakdown and the production schedule for any content which needs to be developed prior to the event

The strategy is in effect the social media managers “bible” for the event and can be developed for future events/included in your overall social media strategy.

Event Social Media Management

You will need a dedicated social media management team in-place on the day of your event to ensure you have the resources to cover the event and capture all the content needed as outlined in the strategy.

We can organise your event social media management team which is usually led by one of our in-house staff members who (if we have planned your event) have been working as part of the event planning team so are completely across your event. We can also include your social media manager/team in the events social media team.

The event social media management team will be:

  • Fully briefed about the event and each given a copy of the strategy
  • Delegated specific roles (depending on the strategy, team and event size this may mean one social platform per team members + a photographer + a videographer; or one team members responsible for posts and one for replying to comments etc.)
  • Allocated an area at the event and required to bump in and bump out all the necessary equipment
  • Responsible for following the strategy and producing all the content on the day of the event, including relevant on-the-fly content
  • Develop a post-event report on the social media reach/engagement

If you would like to find out more about our event social media strategy and management service, please get in contact today via email or phone.

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