property development marcomms sydney
Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing are the go-to guys for DA approval help in Australia, and particularly NSW. Through our sub-brand Property Development MARCOMMS (PDM) we are also able to offer a fully tailored suite of services to those in the property industry.
Developers are an integral part to the growth of our economy, but as land becomes more unavailable in city centres and Governments put more pressure on developers to meet socio economic requirements, how can you ensure your project is approved and profitable?
At Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing we help you work proactively with Government departments, local Councils, community groups and investors. We do this by liaising with our close contacts at all levels of Government and creating an effective marketing strategy.
Businesses in the property development industry have a particular set of needs. They need to work closely with regulatory bodies, but also the local community and media to ensure your project is supported and successful.
Online media is a crucial part of any business too, not only does it act as a gateway of information for potential investors, it also allows people to attack or applaud projects, which ends up affecting the approval process. Developers need a whole package that guides them through political processes and gives them a positive eye in the media and community.
These are all things Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing specialises in and would like to meet up to discuss your specific requirements and explain in more detail exactly how we can help you.

Community Relations for Developers

Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing helps organisations to establish relationships with targeted community stakeholders and interest groups in order to enhance their profitability or solve issues surrounding projects. Our consultants have many years of experience in working with community groups and all levels of government to achieve good results and more harmonious relationships between parties.
Hugo Halliday works with organisation’s senior management to create targeted opportunities with events that link-in with the general public and specific audiences that need to be reached. Our consultants will implement an array of management tools including a media news items and features program (possibly advertorial) to profile organisations and their services to the local community and specific audiences. They will also write articles for inclusion on company websites that may be of interest to visitors to the site.
Hugo Halliday will organise direct community relations activities with presentations and briefings to organisations and groups; and direct letters and invitations by organisation to the media and identified community representatives. Our consultants will also conduct direct engagement with community and business leaders to effect better relationships with local communities.
If you’re a developer requiring DA approval help, assistance in obtaining dealing with other legislation (JRPP/ADG/DCP/etc.) or dealing with opposing stakeholders, contact Hugo Halliday today and we can help you work with the community and government to get your proposal through.