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The Crisis Response & Interview Training course is provided specifically to Clients who have already undertaken Level 1 training in Media Awareness and Media Interview Training.

It is designed to help participants and their organisation put in place preemptive strategies, materials, and a structure to ensure they can deal with a media issue or crisis, based on a known or potential situation.


This course is designed as a full-day course, and assumes participants have undertaken the Level 1 course. It is not recommended that more than two persons actively participate in the training. However, a limited number of observers may be present if required.

*Depending on the urgency of this training, we can tailor an intensive half-day one-on-one course for an individual participant, but this is not recommended.


Even when the best trained spokesperson is available to deal with a crisis or issue, organisations can often be blind-sighted by left-field situations, malicious and false information, leaks to the media, inappropriate staff comments and a whole range of other circumstances.

Hugo Halliday specialises in organisational communication. Crisis response training uses a number of real incidents showing organisational responses while focussing on the internal preparation of the Client organisation. Internal media policy, contingency planning, crisis communication structural process and a whole host of other tools are examined using military-style planning guidelines to get your organisation crisis-ready.


This is a no-holds-barred interview training session that calls on an awareness of Client organisational response measures and the performance of the executive spokesperson/s.

Potential issues/crisis’ that are either about to/ or may impact on the Client organisation are tested in the training media landscape with the selected spokesperson/s. It will show if a spokesperson/s is/are prepared, whether they know how to respond to an unexpected event, how well they are able to control a media situation, and if they can get their messages right under pressure.


Depending on the number of participants, Crisis response & interview training (Level 2) course will require the following personnel and equipment resources:

  • One to two professional media trainers.

  • One online and social media presenter.

  • TV camera-person.

  • Sound/audio recordist (if required).

  • Editor – TV, Radio, Press as/if required (Post-course).

  • Website upload coordinator.

  • Venue (External, Hugo Halliday in-house, Client premises).

  • Catering. (Coffee, Morning and Afternoon Tea, Lunch).

  • Video and power-point presentation facilities. White Board.


The fee charged will vary in accordance with Client requirements, the number of course participants, length of course, training and production staff needed, venue and catering costs, equipment required, and travel costs as/if required.

*Please note. In the event of an actual crisis/ incident, Hugo Halliday consultants can be available to assist Client organisations with onsite media management. This can be through a minimum hourly rate or through an on-going retainer arrangement.

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