Should I hire a social media manager?

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should I hire a social media manager

“Should I hire a social media manager?” is a question most business owners and executives ask themselves – a question I see getting asked a lot.   10 years ago, social media was viewed by most businesses as a passing trend applicable to personal communication. The way social media channels are used has changed rapidly… Read more »

New Influencer Marketing Guidelines

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influencer marketing guidelines

From March 1st 2017, influencer marketing guidelines will change, with Australian social media influencers now required to disclose if a brand had paid them to make a social media post.   Previously, no influencer marketing guidelines were in place to dictate whether or not social media influencers had to disclose if they had received money… Read more »

Like Ladders Can Work – Here’s How!

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like ladders can work

  ‘Like Ladders’ is term used to describe the practice of social media managers and business owners swapping “likes for likes” on their social media pages.   This is a particularly prominent practice on Facebook where many start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs post in networking groups asking people to like their pages and, in… Read more »

Your Business and Social Media Strategies

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Social media marketing

The growth of social media is one of the biggest new-age technologies affecting the way society communicates and shares their lives. In Australia over half of the population has a Facebook profile, with many more using other social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The Sensis Social Media Report 2016 found Australian… Read more »

Finding free stock photography for blogs

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free stock photography for blogs

With more businesses using online platforms there is a growing need for accessible free stock photography, particularly free stock photography for blogs – which should always include more than just text.   Appropriately using great imagery will help enhance everything you do online and make your context 5x more attractive to your audience. But for… Read more »

What should I post on social media?

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What should I post on social media?

Many business owners know that statistically they need to be on social media, but many get stuck asking the question “what should I post on social media?”.   With one in seven customers leaving positive feedback online, without an online presence you could be missing out on a great opportunity to capitalise on your excellent… Read more »

Is Your Business Protected on Social Media?

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protect yourself online

There is no doubt that the use of social media by business has become an integral part of both marketing, public relations and advertising as it allows for a direct line of communication between the business and its target audience.   This communication is important because it allows a business to promote its key messages… Read more »

Big Blow for Business on Facebook

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facebook algorithm change march 2015

The Facebook algorithm change March 2015 is here!   Facebook changes their algorithms almost as often as a Centrelink recipient with a rat’s tail jumps the gates at Penrith station…and it’s getting pretty hard to keep up.   While the latest algorithm update mainly affects personal users, there is one change in particular that has… Read more »