Development Industry Ill-Prepared For ‘Building Quality’ Crisis

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Development Industry Ill-Prepared For ‘Building Quality’ Crisis_hugo halliday pr and marketing

Recent issues surrounding the design and construction of Sydney’s Opal Tower have highlighted the urgent need for the development and building industry to have stakeholder and crisis communication management plans and training in place. In my experience the industry is ill-prepared to deal with a major crisis or issues related to building quality – particularly… Read more »

Locals MPs and Councillors causing planning paralysis and rising home costs

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planning paralysis NSW

News about halting development and planning proposals in the greater Sydney metropolitan area may align with a ‘politically correct’ agenda particularly with an upcoming State election, but it spells disaster for young people trying to get into the housing market. Sydney is Australia’s major centre for employment and new immigrants. They need somewhere to live… Read more »

Government can ‘save face’ on council amalgamations by using Ryde model

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council amalgamations

The appointment of Gladys Berejiklian as Premier of NSW provides a unique opportunity to address community opposition to forced council amalgamations in metropolitan areas by applying an innovative Joint Regional Authority (JRA) model developed by the City of Ryde Council.   Premier Berejiklian appears to have to either back-peddle on the Government’s program of council… Read more »

Troubled times ahead for NSW Government

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nsw council amalgamations

The NSW Government‘s ramped up attacks on local councils is starting to unleash an angry response, which, combined with Malcolm Turnbull deposing Tony Abbott, could see the beginning of significant Coalition political unrest in NSW.   A million dollar advertising campaign and media stories about the failures of local government are clearly pointing to the… Read more »

Community Brochures: How MP’s Can Connect With Their Electorate

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mp brochure ideas

Over the years Hugo Halliday has worked with a number of Members of Parliament from different levels of Government and States. A lot of our work largely focuses on creating material to be distributed throughout electorates. Every MP understands the importance of keeping the community informed about their work, not just for the benefit of… Read more »

Help Your Small Business Take a Leap

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small business leap

The Abbott Government has released its second budget and one of the big winners is small business.   Tax breaks, less red tape and accelerated asset depreciation means more money for small businesses and sole traders.   How will you use the extra money Treasurer Joe Hockey is swinging your way?   According to the… Read more »

Is Baird’s New Cabinet a Missed Opportunity?

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The voters of NSW delivered strong message to Premier Mike Baird. That message was “Get on with the job!”   Just days after the NSW election many journalists, political insiders and commentators were making their predictions on who would be the winners and losers from a certain cabinet reshuffle. The expectation was for big changes,… Read more »

The NSW Election 2015 – Winners & Losers

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NSW winners and losers

Premier Mike Baird became a Liberal party Legend on the March 28, 2015.   Like former Premier Barry O’Farrell after he led the Liberal/National Coalition to a massacring victory in 2011 over the NSW Labor Party, Baird’s power and influence within the party has flourished exponentially.   By taking a bold gamble of partially leasing… Read more »