Development Industry Ill-Prepared For ‘Building Quality’ Crisis

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Development Industry Ill-Prepared For ‘Building Quality’ Crisis_hugo halliday pr and marketing

Recent issues surrounding the design and construction of Sydney’s Opal Tower have highlighted the urgent need for the development and building industry to have stakeholder and crisis communication management plans and training in place. In my experience the industry is ill-prepared to deal with a major crisis or issues related to building quality – particularly… Read more »

Don’t Be Seen On The Media’s News Bloopers

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After celebrities, politicians and others have been caught making gaffes in the Media they can sometimes be seen on news bloopers.   These awkward moments are there forever and make people look silly or totally unprofessional.   One senior Federal Government source said he had a ‘daggy dad moment’ when he answered a reporter’s question… Read more »

Do You Talk Like a Washing Machine?

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You are being interviewed by the Media regarding your business but how do you present yourself?   A number of people become nervous when microphones, cameras and lights are on, recording everything they do. Their bodies suddenly twitch and they become washing machines as they move from side to side in their seats while trying… Read more »

Who Needs Media Training?

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  We are awash with Media all day and all night. The radio is heard first thing in the morning followed by any TV news updates. Mid-morning most senior executives will do a double check of the online news services to ensure their industry is not under attack or vulnerable to growing issues. By afternoon… Read more »