How to brief a graphic designer

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How to brief a graphic designer

As an agency with in-house graphic design capabilities, we’ve seen quite a few graphic design briefs in our time and it is always evident if you’ve worked with a designer before or not. To help the ‘freshies’ out there, we’ve put together this blog on how to brief a graphic designer. As always, if you… Read more »

5 Unique Corporate Christmas Cards

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Prepare yourself: the November/December Christmas Card onslaught is upon us. Your post box is about to get slammed with Corporate Christmas Cards from people you don’t even remember meeting before. Sending and receiving Christmas Cards falls into the ‘referral marketing’ ‘stakeholder engagement’ fields, where – in principal – the idea is great, but in practice…it’s… Read more »

Finding free stock photography for blogs

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free stock photography for blogs

With more businesses using online platforms there is a growing need for accessible free stock photography, particularly free stock photography for blogs – which should always include more than just text.   Appropriately using great imagery will help enhance everything you do online and make your context 5x more attractive to your audience. But for… Read more »

Community Brochures: How MP’s Can Connect With Their Electorate

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mp brochure ideas

Over the years Hugo Halliday has worked with a number of Members of Parliament from different levels of Government and States. A lot of our work largely focuses on creating material to be distributed throughout electorates. Every MP understands the importance of keeping the community informed about their work, not just for the benefit of… Read more »

Why Shop Signage is so Important

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shop signage

Let’s play a game of pretend.   Say I’m a personal trainer looking to open a small workout space where I can do personal training sessions and hold some group classes. I’ve found a space to rent for a great rate, on a main a street, near some other bustling local businesses….the only problem is… Read more »

Facebook Cover Image Tutorial: (Photoshop)

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Loryn Vector tutorial blog

  Ever wanted to ‘wow’ your Facebook friends with an awesome cover photo? Well here’s your chance. I’ve put together a vector tutorial that even ultra-beginners to Photoshop can follow – and your friends will love you for it.   So let’s get started.   I’m using Photoshop CS6 and Windows, but you can do… Read more »