Development Industry Ill-Prepared For ‘Building Quality’ Crisis

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Development Industry Ill-Prepared For ‘Building Quality’ Crisis_hugo halliday pr and marketing

Recent issues surrounding the design and construction of Sydney’s Opal Tower have highlighted the urgent need for the development and building industry to have stakeholder and crisis communication management plans and training in place. In my experience the industry is ill-prepared to deal with a major crisis or issues related to building quality – particularly… Read more »

Combating the Corporate Jungle

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Sometimes it takes a corporate soldier to do battle with Government, Media and groups opposed to business interests to achieve desired outcomes.   A corporate soldier? A number of former Defence officers have joined forces with large businesses to add firepower to boardrooms to assist with realising corporate goals and aims.   Hugo Halliday Public… Read more »

Who Needs Good PR in a Crisis?

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You and your company have spent some considerable time building up a good reputation so clients will turn their support into a good cash flow. Your name means integrity so clients should flock to you.   The same can be said for individuals not involved in commercial enterprises but in public life whose reputations can… Read more »

Combating Google’s First Page

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Combating Googles first page FB

  Does looking at the search results under your name make you queasy? Are there bad news stories following your every online move? Is your reputation suffering because Google is churning out bad story after bad story? Well, have no fear! There are a few methods to combat this.   One of the questions I… Read more »