Mastercom 50th anniversary gala event

Hugo Halliday worked with the team at Mastercom for seven months to plan and produce their 50th Anniversary Gala at The Star Event Centre.

The event was successfully held on October 23rd 2018 with almost 200 guests in attendance, including VIPS Julia Finn MP, Jenny Aitchison MP, Councillor Paul Han from City of Parramatta, and NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy, who were sourced by our team.

You can watch the recap video below, or have a look at Mastercom’s Facebook page to view the image gallery.

The night featured:

  • A live nine piece ska band.
  • A comedian MC.
  • ‘Tomorrow Kits’ for each guest to get them through work tomorrow.
  • An interactive maze installation utilising Mastercom’s indoor tracking technology and radios.
  • ‘History’ installations showcasing radio technology over the last 50 years.
  • Canapes, alternate main, alternative dessert, cake and a five hour beverage package.

Key project deliverables by our team included:

  • Designing the event branding which featured on all communications and collateral (50th logo + grapes/wine/black theme).
  • Developing the communications plan, including designing, copy writing and distributing the event invitations, save the dates, reminder and thank you emails (Mailchimp and print).
  • Sourcing, booking and working with the venue managers (managing all paperwork associated with the venue including OHS).
  • Conceptualising the interactive installations ideas, the client selecting to go with the maze.
  • Conceptualising the swag bag ideas, the client selecting to go with the Tomorrow Kit.
  • Conceptualising and booking the centrepieces, the client selecting to go with grapes and candelabras.
  • Sourcing, booking and managing all the contractors, including writing all the contractor briefs.
  • Developing a 53 page event plan which included a risk analysis, staging information, themes, timelines, run sheets etc.
  • Creating the social media plan (pre, during and post event) and managing social media on the night.
  • Writing speech notes for the MC and Managing Director.
  • Managing the RSVPs.
  • On-the-day management including registration desk management, bump in and bump out.
  • Producing videos profiling each staff member for the reception area and hallways (portrait and landscape versions).
  • Producing a slide show for the event area showcasing Mastercom’s database of photos.

Success was measured by:

  • The number of likers/followers obtained on each platform:
    22 new page likes Facebook (up 2,100%)
    20 followers on LinkedIn (up 400%)
    9 new followers on Twitter
  • The level of engagement overall from all the posts:
    1,223 post engagements on Facebook (up 24,360%) and 912 people reached (up 4,967%)
    3.5k post impressions and 33 visitors (up 229%) on LinkedIn
    5,119 tweet impressions (up 222.8%), 237 profile visits (up 17.9%) and 7 mentions on Twitter.
  • Mastercom also received comments and sharing from the NSW Shadow Minister for Small Business Jenny Aitchison, NSW Police Legacy and TAIT.
  • How much coverage was obtained from the media release:
    Critical Comms covered the event.
  • How smoothly the night went:
    No mishaps that couldn’t be rectified.
  • The percentage of people who took to the dancefloor with the band:
    Percentage unknown, good portion of people were dancing by the end of the night
  • How many Tomorrow Kits were left behind at the end of the night:
    10-15% left behind.
  • How many people expressed their thanks directly to Mastercom staff post-event:
    Mastercom have indicated quite a number
  • How many people clicked through from the thank you email to view the photos, or watch the video:
    80 opened the email, 55 clicked links (total opens 348, total click 151)

Photo Gallery