Liverpool Investor Report Coronation Property

Hugo Halliday copywrote and designed a 14 page report for Coronation Property to inform potential Liverpool area investors about the locality.

Hugo Halliday was supplied with Coronation’s style guide, which was used to influence the clean lines and grayscale styling of the report. Coronation also supplied Hugo Halliday with a Word document full of sourced and copied research, which was used to write the copy.

Our team sifted through the supplied research, identified key facts and sections, and organised it into a logical sequence. We then focused on writing simplified and easy-to-digest copy which would give investors an immediate understanding of the local area without having to spend a significant amount of time reading or researching for themselves. Having a combined design and copy in-house team means that both elements are created with the other in mind, leading to succinct and natural feeling reports which flow between the pages.

The client was very happy with the final result and have indicated their intention to replicate the style across future reports.

You can download a PDF version of the report on Coronation’s website.

iverpool Investor Report Coronation Property v1

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