bombala toursim dl brochure John Barilaro MP

Hugo Halliday designed a double-sided DL brochure for John Barilaro MP to inform the Bombala community about funding which has been allocated for local tourism.

The brochure displays an infographic map shaped like the Bombala area, with funding amounts noted as close to the actual locations on the map. We used isometric vectors to create a ā€˜3Dā€™ map that is easy to digest and attractive to the viewer.

John Barilaro MP says of our service: ā€œI use Hugo Halliday to produce specialised publications for distribution in my electorate. Lightening fast turnaround times and innovative, eye-catching designs are the hallmarks of their service. Hugo Halliday material provides the cut-through I need to communicate with my constituents on a broad range of issues.ā€

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