like ladders can work | |

  ‘Like Ladders’ is term used to describe the practice of social media managers and business owners swapping “likes for likes” on their social media pages.   This is a particularly prominent practice on Facebook where many start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs post in networking groups asking people to like their pages and, in… Read more »

Social media marketing | |

The growth of social media is one of the biggest new-age technologies affecting the way society communicates and shares their lives. In Australia over half of the population has a Facebook profile, with many more using other social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The Sensis Social Media Report 2016 found Australian… Read more »

nsw council amalgamations | |

The NSW Government‘s ramped up attacks on local councils is starting to unleash an angry response, which, combined with Malcolm Turnbull deposing Tony Abbott, could see the beginning of significant Coalition political unrest in NSW.   A million dollar advertising campaign and media stories about the failures of local government are clearly pointing to the… Read more »

free stock photography for blogs | |

With more businesses using online platforms there is a growing need for accessible free stock photography, particularly free stock photography for blogs – which should always include more than just text.   Appropriately using great imagery will help enhance everything you do online and make your context 5x more attractive to your audience. But for… Read more »

What should I post on social media? | |

Many business owners know that statistically they need to be on social media, but many get stuck asking the question “what should I post on social media?”.   With one in seven customers leaving positive feedback online, without an online presence you could be missing out on a great opportunity to capitalise on your excellent… Read more »

marriage alliance | |

Hugo Halliday is a professional PR and marketing company that represents several organisations, big and small. Hugo Halliday is currently contracted to the Marriage Alliance for media relations on a commercial and professional basis.   The Marriage Alliance believes that a change in the definition of marriage may affect the rights of future generations (particularly… Read more »

improve your website seo | |

“How to improve your website SEO” is the golden question all business owners with a website ask. Along with “why am I not on Google’s first page?”.   As a company that develops websites for businesses from design, copy and coding up, we always make sure we integrate the following SEO principals into our web… Read more »

How to spend the small business tax break money | |

The sales signs are up. Staff are busy trying to attract business.   You want to clear stock or take advantage of the end of the financial year. How will you celebrate the end of this tax time with your customers?   Are you on track with your business goals to increase your cash flow… Read more »

lots of time social media | |

  It’s great running a small business as it leaves you with so much time on your hands!   If this is not you and you find just managing the workload hard enough and looking after customers and clients but still want to push your company forward, then look no further.   Hugo Halliday PR… Read more »