Lawyer’s Need Public Relations, Like Now!

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lawyers need PR

“Lawyers [should] bring in their PR consultants from the beginning, not just once a potential issue [is] brewing,” said Kevin Steward, the head of Minter Ellison’s disputes resolution practice (Western Australia), yesterday.   Mr Stewarts warning highlights that there are a number of lawyers utilising public relations practitioners to help manage the media during intense… Read more »

Is Your Business Protected on Social Media?

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protect yourself online

There is no doubt that the use of social media by business has become an integral part of both marketing, public relations and advertising as it allows for a direct line of communication between the business and its target audience.   This communication is important because it allows a business to promote its key messages… Read more »

Community Brochures: How MP’s Can Connect With Their Electorate

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mp brochure ideas

Over the years Hugo Halliday has worked with a number of Members of Parliament from different levels of Government and States. A lot of our work largely focuses on creating material to be distributed throughout electorates. Every MP understands the importance of keeping the community informed about their work, not just for the benefit of… Read more »

Help Your Small Business Take a Leap

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small business leap

The Abbott Government has released its second budget and one of the big winners is small business.   Tax breaks, less red tape and accelerated asset depreciation means more money for small businesses and sole traders.   How will you use the extra money Treasurer Joe Hockey is swinging your way?   According to the… Read more »