Your PR Campaign is Over – Now What?

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It was great to see your advertisements and messages in various Media outlets pushing your company’s products or services. Also it was comforting to see your money at work.   Is that it? What happens now? Maybe you wait for the hordes of new clients and customers to contact you seeing you were a Media… Read more »

Don’t Be Seen On The Media’s News Bloopers

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After celebrities, politicians and others have been caught making gaffes in the Media they can sometimes be seen on news bloopers.   These awkward moments are there forever and make people look silly or totally unprofessional.   One senior Federal Government source said he had a ‘daggy dad moment’ when he answered a reporter’s question… Read more »

Do You Talk Like a Washing Machine?

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You are being interviewed by the Media regarding your business but how do you present yourself?   A number of people become nervous when microphones, cameras and lights are on, recording everything they do. Their bodies suddenly twitch and they become washing machines as they move from side to side in their seats while trying… Read more »

Why Collecting Customer Data is so Important

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The importance of collecting customer data, both that of potential yet-converted customers, and practising customers; is vital for any business no matter what size. By customer data I mean names and contact details such as emails, phone numbers and addresses. A business that is able to gather each of these contact details about a person… Read more »

How to use Hashtags on Instagram

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instagram hashtag

I probably should’ve called this blog “how not to use hashtags” but I thought I’d try and stay away from negativity straight off the bat.   As everyone would be clearly aware of, Instagram has become the new playground for hashtags. The lone swing now creaks in the wind on the Facebook hashtag attempt (and… Read more »