Can Your Firm Match the Success of Bollywood?

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India’s film industry is now one of the biggest in the world and set to get bigger.   Bollywood has found how to not only successfully market its product to huge audiences but also capitalise on well proven film formulae.   Watch nearly any Bollywood film and you’ll see evil characters, handsome heroes and beautiful… Read more »

Why Shop Signage is so Important

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shop signage

Let’s play a game of pretend.   Say I’m a personal trainer looking to open a small workout space where I can do personal training sessions and hold some group classes. I’ve found a space to rent for a great rate, on a main a street, near some other bustling local businesses….the only problem is… Read more »

Are You a Rocket Scientist?

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Working out the maths to put a man on the moon is for a select few people on Earth.   Working out how to market your business and drive your dollar further is sometimes also left to experts.   Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing – the premier Public Relations agency in western Sydney – can’t… Read more »

How Prepared Are You in Your Business?

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Scouts and Girl Guides around the globe will celebrate the birthday of the founder of their organisation Lord Baden-Powell this month.   The motto we have all come to know of ‘Be Prepared’ was coined by Baden-Powell but doesn’t just apply to children about to undertake adventurous activity – it also applies to business owners… Read more »

How to Advertise Your Small Business

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Advertising. Just think about that word. What immediately comes to your mind when you think about it?   Television? Radio? Big corporates? Lots of money…   Sometimes the idea of advertising is completely overwhelming to small business owners. Their immediate thoughts being a) I can’t afford it and b) I have no idea how to… Read more »

Ready to Vitalise Your Business?

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You have written your marketing plan to kick start your enterprise for 2015 – well done.   What did you do with the plan? Have you left it in your drawers?   If you were having second thoughts about trying to implement your plan then stop there. You need a marketing plan to effectively communicate… Read more »