Christmas Break

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The Hugo Halliday team extends our best Christmas wishes to all our clients, contractors, families and friends. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   We’ll be breaking to celebrate the silly season on December 24th 2014, and returning to work on January 12th 2015. Don’t worry though, we’ll all have our… Read more »

Thanks Parramatta For Your Overwhelming Support

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Now Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing has officially been launched (Friday, 14th November) in Western Sydney’s capital, Parramatta, it’s time to get down to business.   We are a diverse public relations and media and marketing firm that works with clients seeking advocacy with all levels of Government, media training and exposure and community relations… Read more »

Who Needs Media Training?

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  We are awash with Media all day and all night. The radio is heard first thing in the morning followed by any TV news updates. Mid-morning most senior executives will do a double check of the online news services to ensure their industry is not under attack or vulnerable to growing issues. By afternoon… Read more »

Combating the Corporate Jungle

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Sometimes it takes a corporate soldier to do battle with Government, Media and groups opposed to business interests to achieve desired outcomes.   A corporate soldier? A number of former Defence officers have joined forces with large businesses to add firepower to boardrooms to assist with realising corporate goals and aims.   Hugo Halliday Public… Read more »

Who Needs Good PR in a Crisis?

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You and your company have spent some considerable time building up a good reputation so clients will turn their support into a good cash flow. Your name means integrity so clients should flock to you.   The same can be said for individuals not involved in commercial enterprises but in public life whose reputations can… Read more »

Not Feeling Loved As a Company?

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Not Feeling Loved As A Company SM NEW

If you feel your customers are not engaging with your company enough then it’s time to contact Hugo Halliday PR and Marketing Pty Ltd.   Hugo Halliday will work with you to create marketing strategies to help drive sales and business to you. We will give you an increased visibility in the marketplace and assist… Read more »

Go in Guns Blazing? No, Think Wider

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  Hugo Halliday PR and Marketing Pty Ltd congratulates General Peter Cosgrove on being selected to be Australia’s next Governor General.   General Cosgrove is a man of the people as he has demonstrated by his military prowess in East Timor and his sorting out disaster relief issues in cyclone-ridden Queensland.   Hugo Halliday has… Read more »

Australia’s Future Needs a ‘Big Vision’

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bill qanda

  In February 2014 I asked two eminent political leaders on ABC TV’s Q &A program: “Where is the vision for Australia in the future?” My concerns and views behind this question are expressed below:   Australia is a big country that needs big ideas and tough leadership to carve our future in a global environment… Read more »

Arise Sir Peter, A Man of the People

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  A ‘humble and proud’ former hero of East Timor has begun his journey as Australia’s 26th Governor-General.   His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), has taken his oath of office as the Queen’s representative in Australia.   Hugo Halliday salutes the new Governor General and knows he will make… Read more »