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This year we signed up to the Veterans Employment Commitment, which is an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program.

The commitment seeks to establish a list of supporter businesses who recognise the unique skills veterans bring to the workplace and gives job-seeking veterans the ability to discover supportive business during their job search.

Veterans advocacy is an issue close to the hearts of Hugo Halliday founders and Directors. Our Managing Director, Bill Pickering, served in the Australian Army as Lieutenant Colonel Public Affairs Officer, and our Director currently serves as a Lieutenant Public Relations Officer in the Royal Australian Navy Reserves.

Through years of service and close ties to the Defence community, Hugo Halliday managers have recognised the unique, unwavering capabilities of the men and women who serve our country.

The value systems embedded within the Defence Force, and subsequently every person that serves, cannot be easily overlooked and in fact are highly desirable to employers. Veterans bring with them a significant work ethic rooted in values such as integrity, loyalty, respect, honesty and initiative.

Why should your business hire a veteran?

12 reasons you should hire a veteran

So next time you’re looking to hire, consider a veteran. You can advertise with a ‘defence force experience desirable’ flag on the jobactive website, contact veterans employment agencies such as WithYouWithMe and/or sign up to be a Proud Supporter of Veterans Employment.

We are proud and honoured to be Supporter of Veterans Employment.

12 reasons why you should hire a veteran (non-infographic):


It’s not all combat. Veterans come from roles in:

  • Aviation
  • Business, admin & education
  • Combat & security
  • Communications, IT & intelligence
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare, science & chaplaincy
  • Logistics, hospitality & support
  • Trades & apprenticeships


The core values of each service are embedded in Veterans from the first day of training, throughout their career.

    NAVY: Courage, Honour, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty
    ARMY: Courage, Initiative, Respect, Teamwork
    RAAF: Respect, Excellence, Agility, Dedication, Integrity, Teamwork


Leadership skills and methodologies are heavily focused on, practised and perfected by Veterans.


Veterans are accustomed to working and delivering in high-performance, high-stress situations.


Veterans respect, support and understand the importance of established management structures.


What is nine-to-five? Veterans know what it’s like to be on-call and ready for action 24/7. They get the job done with no complaints.


Thinking outside the box. Veterans are educated in finding solutions in time-sensitive situations with limited resources and strict parameters.


Community. Veterans build up those around them as they know the importance of teamwork to success.


Veterans deserve support. Veteran unemployment is at 30.2%, more than five times the national average.


Punctuality is a key driver to the success of the Defence Force and something Veterans have habituated.


Having lived by strict uniform guidelines, Veterans value what their appearance and presentation says about the company they work for.


Veterans know the importance of succinct and factual communication, ensuring key business messages are always proliferated.